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Art of Coaching Young Athletes

Rick Peterson

Racom Communications
Great coaching is an art form. It involves so much more than mere knowledge of the sport and the ability to deliver the message. Is that message being received? Are the athletes excited and engaged when participating? Is the teaching/learning environment positive and does it promote a focus on self”and team improvement and excellence? Is there a recognition that the coaching of young athletes is and should be far different, with different emphases, than the coaching of most college and all professional athletes? Is the development of a strong, positive coach“athlete connection (the basis for more effective communication and motivation) being promoted? And is the opportunity to coach young athletes being viewed and used as a vehicle to teach life lessons and help develop success habits that will young athletes in life? The Art of Coaching Young Athletes reveals to any prospective coach the keys to a high-quality way of coaching athletes from kindergarten through high school age.
Author Bio
Rick Peterson has been coaching children and young adults for more than thirty years, starting as both head and assistant coach at the North Star Club and as an assistant with the men's swim program at Bucknell University. Upon graduation he moved to Winnetka, Illinois, to teach social studies and coach (wrestling, volleyball, swimming) at New Trier High School and swimming with the Youth Club team. He left the teaching side of education in 1980 to concentrate on swim coaching at all levels, and has served as head high school boys coach (1982-84) and co-head and head age group coach of the New Trier Swim Club (1982-86). After a two-year hiatus from coaching, he came back to his passion and hasn't left it, including stints as head coach of the Old Willow Club (1988-2009) in Winnetka and assistant and then head age group coach at the New Trier Swim Club (2000-present).