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C Cretors & Co at 125

Charles D. Cretors Lynn Maurer

Racom Communications
This is the inspiring story of the birth, development, and growth of an American tradition: popcorn. In 1885 Charles C. Cretors invented the world's first automated popcorn machine. After struggling for the next eight years, he made his first big breakthrough at the Columbian Exposition in Chicago in 1893. What followed was the growth of the company, and an industry that became an American institution. The company led this industry, including development of those beautiful old popcorn wagons that graced the streets of this country for generations. The company has continued to this day to be a leader in its industry, despite the fact that its competitors have come to be dominated by multinational corporations in the confection business. This alone would be remarkable, but it's only half the story. The company has been owned and managed by five generations of the same family, which have continuously managed the company daily for 125 years.
Author Bio
Lynn Cretors Maurer was marketing and advertising director of C. Cretors & Co. for more than twenty years. Charles D. Cretors is chairman of the board and was president of the company for more than twenty-five years.