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Vital Truths

the secret to living and leading wholeheartedly

Bruce Roselle

136 pages
Roselle Leadership Strategies

People everywhere struggle to create balance in their lives, but what they really want is an abundant life that works for them. Those who adopt an abundance mentality live their lives with a great degree of wholeheartedness, both in their work and personal lives.

This book identifies a series of seven attitudes toward life that result in a greater degree of wholehearted energy. These seven Vital Truths provide the bedrock of what makes life worth living and leading. The book illustrates these truths through the work and lives of wholehearted leaders interviewed by the author.

The seven Vital Truths include these:

  • know the purpose in what you propose to do
  • generate enthusiasm to achieve great things
  • focus on the beauty that remains
  • find hope in the thought that things will get better
  • think less about yourself and more about others
  • take time to refresh and regenerate
  • accept what you cannot change while you change what you can
  • Author Bio
    Bruce E. Roselle, PhD, brings a breadth of experience and a deep sense of purpose to the task of helping people. For nearly 30 years, Bruce has served organizational needs in leadership development, executive coaching, and psychological assessment. His current active client list includes: Toro, Wagner Spray Tech, Cray, Mosaic, Dairy Queen, US Foods, PowerMation, Hosanna church, Capella University, the University of MN, and Carleton College. A recognized expert in the field, Bruce is a frequent speaker at conferences and corporate events. His leadership views have appeared in newspapers, journals, magazines, radio and television, including a monthly online article for the American City Business Journals. His best-selling book, Fearless Leadership (2006), won awards for Best Business Book and Best Self-Help Book. His newest book is The Fraud Factor, published in May, 2016.