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In this 5 session course, Brian Davis vividly reminds us that the human race is facing its greatest challenge: global warming, leading to climate change.

This, along with the damage we have done, and are still doing to the environment, God’s wonderful creation, means that we all have to make radical changes to our whole way of life.

Many of us who care about this issue are sometimes understandably quite pessimistic about the future. That's where faith in God should make a difference. Hope for the future is not the same as being optimistic. Being optimistic suggests always looking on the bright side. A hope based on faith in God should enable us to open our eyes and see what is actually happening to our planet today, and still believe there is much that we can do, individually and together, with God to guide and strengthen us.

This York Course is available in the following formats:
Course Book (Paperback 9781909107311)
Course Book (eBook 9781909107496)
Audio Book of Interview to support Caring for Creation York Course (CD 9781909107403)
Audio Book of Interview (Digital Download 9781909107489)
Transcript of interview to support Caring for Creation Course (Paperback 9781909107328)
Transcript of interview (eBook 9781909107502)
Book Pack (9781909107410 Featuring Paperback Course Book, Audio Book on CD and Paperback Transcript of Interview)
Large print (9781909107427)

The five sessions focus on:

SESSION 1: The Environment
SESSION 2: Global Warming and Climate Change
SESSION 3: The Age of Humans – The Anthropocene Era
SESSION 4: Coming out of Denial and Facing Crisis
SESSION 5: Faith, Hope and Love

The course audio features Ruth Valerio, Environmentalist, theologian, social activist, Tearfund Director and author of Saying Yes to Life (SPCK, 2020); Dave Bookless who specializes in biblical theology and biodiversity conservation and is Director of Theology for A Rocha International; Kuki Rokhum, who is on the Leadership Team of Renew our World and involved in the Lausanne Creation Care network; and David Clogh, who launched CreatureKind and DefaultVeg projects, and is concerned with the place of animals in Christian theology and ethics.

Author Bio
Canon Brian Davis was a teacher before studying theology. He was Vicar of St Mary's, Hinkley for eighteen years - one of the first medieval churches to have solar panels. Passionate about caring for the environment and facing up to global warming, Brian is Chair of Eco Church Harborough.