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La Enciclopedia del Paciente de Infecciones del Tracto Urinario, Cistitis Sexual y Cistitis Intersticial

Angela Kilmartin

195 pages
Angela Kilmartin
(In Spanish)Best information on urinary infections on the web from the acknowledged world self-help expert.Five star-rated on all chat/forums/review boards. The Patient's Encyclopaedia of Urinary Tract Infection contains three sections all packed with vital prevention and self help based on medical facts and simple daily tips. The hardcover now sells with a DVD to match. The newly-revised e-books in 2-option download formats will sell heavily world-wide. UTI's are a common, miserable, frightening, socially-devastating, recurrent female illness. Bacterial and Non-bacterial causes abound in the book. Comprehensively discussed are bacterial urinary infections, urethritis,urethral syndrome, cystitis, IC, bladder soreness,self-help,hygiene, diet, menopause, children, teens,sex, STD's,kidney infections, lifestyle, prevention,frequency, pain, incontinence, depression,females, babies,urology.And much more.