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Mercury Fillings Compilation (Russian translation)

The Mercury Solution

Angela Kilmartin

92 pages
Angela Kilmartin
The Mercury Fillings Compilation is a world-interest poisoning book informing patients and dentists of the effect of mercury in teeth fillings, dental metals in general and the dreadful general health effects many dental patients suffer as a direct result of trusting their dentist. With science, 200 plus-symptoms, safe removal techniques, letters from sufferers articles from practitioners and much advice,the book is a wake-up call for dentists and patients alike. Comprehensively discussed are: symptoms, illnesses, safe removal, chelation products, dental science,case histories,legal reviews,other dental metals, bridge-work, cavities, cavitations,treatments, white fillings and much more. It is a highly informative guide to what has been put in the mouth for cheapness and what modern patients now request. Written by a world-famous health-writer and poisoned patient, this book should be in every household for we all have teeth and they will all need attention sometime!