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56th Street

James W Haddad

147 pages
Commonwealth Books
A young girl growing up in the Liberty City ghetto of Miami gradually adjusts to the daily hardships of ghetto life but finds herself hopelessly trapped in a waking nightmare as she struggles to survive in an environment where a girl should feel her safest: in her own home. Her older brother is a pathological abuser who knows no limits employing his relentless torment on the most vulnerable family members. The young girl fights for her life; fights as hard as she could to protect her three younger siblings. she is troubled with family loyalties but with time, decides to save herself and marries the first man she meets. Then the nightmare suddenly comes to a climax. . .
Author Bio
James Haddad is a native of Miami and is a former journalist for the St. Croix Avis Newspaper. He has done extensive research in child abuse and neglect and worked as a volunteer for the Department of Children and Families, which gave him the foundation for his acclaimed novel, Eyes of a Child. He is a qualified expert in his field.