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The Anger Busting Workbook

Simple, Powerful Techniques for Managing Anger and Saving Relationships

James A. Baker

216 pages
Bayou Publishing

When counting to 10 doesn't cut it any more...Anger is a normal emotion, and most of us experience anger in appropriate ways at appropriate times. But for some, this is not the case. Those who have the kind of anger that regularly rages out of control—or have a partner like this—need to get help. James A Baker, one of America's leaders in the field of corporate training and a Certified Anger Resolution Therapist, has assembled a workbook to help rageaholics change now.

The Anger Busting Workbook is designed as a companion to Newton Hightower's award-winning, bestselling book, Anger Busting 101: New ABCs for Angry Men and the Women Who Love Them, which details simple ways anyone can end the destructiveness, and turn their life around.

Happily, the proven techniques in The Anger Busting Workbook—including 51 Anger Busters that can be used anytime, anywhere—can be put into action now. The approach has already helped thousands of men save their relationships and turn their lives around. Part I of the book is for men (who generally have a greater problem with out-of-control anger); Part II is for the women who love them and are willing to help them change.

If you're already visiting a therapist, facing a judge in court, or getting written up by your boss, it's still not too late. The information and techniques in this book put you in control of anger and back in charge of your life right NOW.

Get straight talk on what you can do TODAY to shut down the boiler and give yourself a second chance. Quickly learn how to: STOP anger, without having to analyze it to death; cut the fuel line to your anger in six simple steps; put a sock in it—-it's OK to simply shut up; use body language to put the brakes on anger in less than 60 seconds; master words and phrases PROVEN to get you out of the doghouse; take care of yourself—create less stress, more success; create happier endings for the same old arguments;start living the life you really want for yourself AND your family.

Author Bio
James A. Baker, one of America's forerunners in the field of corporate training, has received national and international acclaim for his worldwide training seminars. He specializes in conflict resolution, negotiation, and anger management.