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Approaching God

Lisa Repko Borden

160 pages
SPCK Group
An illustrated book on prayer, looking at how we see or imagine God and how we then approach him in prayer. These truths about the nature of the Divine encourage confidence and intimacy as we relate with God: 1. God the artist, creator, who loves creative expression. 2. God as good company, as friend. 3. God our protector/provider, redeeming the image of father through his faithful care of us. 4. God our life giver, the nurturing God who picks us up when we fall. This chapter explores the nature of God through the metaphor of mother. 5. God our teacher, guide, and life-coach: giving practical insight for wisdom, health and good living. 6. God as physician, healer, whom we can approach with expectation and hope.
Author Bio
Lisa Borden has spent 22 years as a missionary, first among the Maasai in Kenya's wilderness, then among urban tribes of young people in Portugal. She now works in Tanzania, and is on the International Leadership Team of 24-7 Prayer. Lisa is a respected speaker and a writes for the 24-7 Prayer website.