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A Passionate Faith

What makes an evangelical?

Richard Turnbull

176 pages
SPCK Group
Evangelical' is a badge, a line in the sand, a term of abuse, a much-overworked word. What are the key markers of the evangelical faith? How did the movement come into being, and how is it changing? What is its style, then and now, and what is its theology? Richard Turnbull shows how and why the evangelicals have not only survived, but have grown strong, and explains their unique contribution to world Christianity. He covers the historical roots of evangelical spirituality; the place of the Bible; the concepts of conversion, personal transformation and call; evangelism and service; worship and revival. "The greatest need of our age is for the Church to rediscover her evangelical foundations. Dr Turnbull tells the stirring story of the rise of evangelicalism - of a beautiful Saviour, a Living Scripture, a heart-felt Song and a sending Spirit. Read this book, recall the cloud of witnesses, remind yourself of what matters, revive your own faith, then go reach a lost world for Christ." - Simon Ponsonby, Pastor of Theology at St Aldates Church, Oxford 'There are great riches within the evangelical tradition to resource the whole Church and it is vital that evangelicals become better acquainted with their heritage. Richard Turnbull's study shows how evangelicals in the past forged a spirituality that had clarity and depth, and calls us to do the same.' - Revd Dr Liz Hoare, Tutor in Prayer, Spirituality and Mission at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford
Author Bio
Richard Turnbull================Richard Duncan Turnbull is a Church of England clergyman. Educated at the University of Reading and St John's College, Durham, he became a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland in 1985. He also has a Master of Arts degree from the University of Oxford. Richard was ordained deacon in 1994 and priest in 1995. He served as assistant curate of Christ Church, Portswood (1994-98) and vicar of Chineham (1998-2005). Richard has also been a member of the General Synod of the Church of England, chairman of the Business Committee of the General Synod, and chairman of working parties that produced reports on clergy pay and the funding a theological education. He was a member of the Archbishops' Council of the Church of England, and chairman of the House of Clergy of Diocesan Synod of the Diocese of Winchester (2000-05). Turnbull was appointed Principal of Wycliffe Hall, Oxford in 2005, teaching courses on Anglicanism, Anglican and Evangelical Identity and the Reformation. He is currently undertaking research projects in Evangelical spirituality and the future of Evangelicalism. He was a member of the committee that drafted the document "A Covenant for the Church of England".