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Daredevil Book for Golfers

Cunning Strategies to Tee Up Your Game

Tim Glynne-Jones David Mostyn

160 pages
Arcturus Publishing Limited

Golf is a traditional gentleman's sport practiced on fairways from Atlanta to Zambia. But behind all the hierarchy, club rules and etiquette, what is really going through a golfer's mind on the first tee? The Daredevil Book for Golfers takes a sideways look at the sport and finds an awful lot of people aching to win at any cost.

Sections include:
Why Golfers Shout 'Fore!' (When what they really mean is 'Get out of the *?!?@?! way!')
I Can See Why Bogies Might Be Bad, But What's So Great About an Albatross? (Golfing terminology and how it developed).
Crazy Golf - Well, It's a Start (You might feel it's beneath you... Until you spot the windmill. Yeah, course you can time your putt to pass between those shiny red sails. Can't you?)

Including hilarious cartoon illustrations by David Mostyn, this handsome clothbound hardback makes a great gift for any golf lovers out there.

Author Bio

Tim Glynne-Jones is a writer living in Reigate, Surrey. He was born in Malaya in 1965 where his dad was working as a teacher, but returned a year later to a country celebrating winning the World Cup. He grew up in Croydon and started school on a rainy day in 1969, wearing a blue trawlerman's outfit over his shorts and cap, something he still remembers vividly, along with the milk.

David Mostyn
began his career as a commercial artist in advertising, then moved into publishing and set up his own company Mostyn Partners in 1977. David has worked for 30 years in comic strips, producing drawings for DC Thomson, Marvel Comics and DC Comics, among others. He is married with two children and a cat, and lives in Oxford.