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Daredevil Book for Dogs

What Dogs Really Think!

Nick Griffiths

160 pages
Arcturus Publishing Limited
You probably think your favorite mutt is a beast of little brain, who spends all day in front of the fire getting ready for walkies and all-night dreaming of bones. The Daredevil Book for Dogs is here to set you straight. This is a funny and surreal journey deep into the canine psyche in a beautiful gift edition.
Author Bio
Nick Griffiths is an author and journalist because NASA wouldn't let him be an astronaut. He has written Dalek I Loved You: A Memoir and Who Goes There, both based around Doctor Who, and the comic novel In the Footsteps of Harrison Dextrose. He owns a cat named Columbo, who has failed to solve any murder cases, and would love to own a dog but can't get past the idea of picking up its poo in a small plastic bag.