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Angels and demons

Perspectives And Practice In Diverse Religious Traditions

Peter G Riddell and Beverly Smith Riddell

256 pages
SPCK Group

Spirit beings are fascinating. They can be wicked, good, of dual nature, or non-existent. They announce, accompany, heal, injure, sway, charm, fight, tempt and judge. They can bring us closer to, or distract us from, God.
In this volume, the particular focus is on how angelic and demonic concepts are overtly expressed, or are more obliquely reflected, in different religions. Specific themes covered include spiritual warfare, spirit beings and the origin of evil, angelic and demonic roles, human suffering and spiritual powers, use of talismans, sacred texts, and the practical outworking of beliefs. The contributors - all Christian scholars - mostly write as detached observers of the religious traditions they are describing. Nevertheless, they do not shy away from taking a stand on controversial issues.

Here you will find a great diversity of thought, some striking thematic similarities, and a fascinating view of worlds far removed from our usual experience.

The contributors are Allen Anderson, Andy Bannister, Ruth Bradby, Keith Ferdinando, Theodore Gabriel, Chris Gnanakan, Willam Kay, Bill Musk, Martin Parsons, Chris Partridge, Peter Riddell, Nigel Scotland and Amy Summers-Minette.

Author Bio
Peter Riddell took his PhD at the Australian National University, focusing on Islam in Southeast Asia, during which time he conducted field research at the Pusat Dokumentasi Aceh in Indonesia and studied Qur'anic Exegesis at L'Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes/Sorbonne (Paris). He has previously taught at the Australian National University, the Institut Pertanian Bogor (Indonesia), the London School of Oriental and African Studies, the London School of Theology where he was appointed as Professor of Islamic Studies, and the Melbourne School of Theology where he served as Vice Principal (Academic) until his retirement in 2019. He is now appointed as Professorial Research Associate in the School of History, Religions and Philosophies at SOAS University of London, as well as Senior Research Fellow with the Australian College of Theology.