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Alternative Water Management and Self-Sufficient Water Supplies

Martin Rygaard Hans-Jorgen Albrechtsen Philip J. Binning

147 pages
IWA Publishing
This book is based on a screening of 113 worldwide experiences in alternative urban water management. A range of alternative water management strategies have been reviewed and 15 cases from around the world were studied in detail. These are presented as examples of possible water management strategies that have reduced  the cities’ dependency on water imports. The strategies include implementation of potable and non-potable wastewater reuse, rainwater collection and desalination. 

Alternative Water Management and Self-Sufficient Water Supplies provides inspiration for water planners in cities with restrained water resources by highlighting actual technical opportunities and challenges. It represents a unique collection of state-of-the-art water management practices and the opportunities and challenges presented are from real-life case studies. The book is primarily aimed at urban water management professionals working across different technical and management disciplines. These include water supply engineers and environmental planners that can use it for professional reference. It will also be a useful introductory text for under-graduate level courses on water supply.