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Water Recycling and Resource Recovery in Industry

Piet Lens L. W. Hulshoff Pol Peter A. Wilderer Takashi Asano

703 pages
IWA Publishing
Water Recycling and Resource Recovery in Industry: Analysis, Technologies and Implementation provides a definitive and in-depth discussion of the current state-of-the-art tools and technologies enabling the industrial recycling and reuse of water and other resources. The book also presents in detail how these technologies can be implemented in order to maximize resource recycling in industrial practice, and to integrate water and resource recycling in ongoing industrial production processes. Special attention is given to non-process engineering aspects such as systems analysis, software tools, health, regulations, life-cycle analysis, economic impact and public participation. Case studies illustrate the huge potential of environmental technology to optimise resource utilisation in industry.  The large number of figures, tables and case studies, together with the book's multidisciplinary approach, makes Water Recycling and Resource Recovery in Industry: Analysis, Technologies and Implementation the perfect reference work for academics, professionals and consultants dealing with industrial water resources recovery.  Contents Part I: Industrial reuse for environmental protection                  Part II:  System analysis to assist in closing industrial resource cycles                  Part III: Characterisation of process water quality                  Part IV: Technological aspects of closing industrial cycles                  Part V: Examples of closed water cycles in industrial processes                  Part VI: Resource protection policies in industry