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A Mucky Business

Why Christians Should Get Involved In Politics

208 pages
SPCK Group

Many Christians are nervous about politics - isn't the political world murky and sleazy, a den of deceit and backstairs deals? At the same time, the image of Christians in politics isn’t great either – often seen as judgemental hypocrites, intolerant and hateful control freaks... shouldn't this mean that faith and politics should be kept firmly apart?

In A Mucky Business, Tim Farron, former Leader of the Liberal Democrats Party and friends, explore and defend why Christianity and politics should and must work together. If Christians are to love their neighbours, they need to engage with the issues that affect everyone. Why should Christians leave their beliefs at the door when they enter public life? No one else does!

Tim Farron shares his experience as the UK’s best known Christian MP and draws on case studies from across the political spectrum. Many of these case studies come from his successful A Mucky Business podcast. Demonstrating that it’s possible to be both a Christian and to step into the political world with confidence.

A Mucky Business will both inspired and better equip christians to care about politics, pray knowledgeably, and engage with politics effectively.

Author Bio

Born in Preston, Lancashire in 1970, Tim Farron was elected Member of Parliament for Westmorland and Lonsdale in 2005. He rose to become President of the Liberal Democrats during the Party’s time in coalition government. Succeeding Nick Clegg as Party Leader in 2015 he led the Party through the 2016 EU referendum and the 2017 snap general election. He lives on the edge of the Lake District with his wife Rosie and his children Izzie, Gracie, Jude and Laurie. He is a fourth rate fell-runner, a long-suffering Blackburn Rovers supporter and a pop music anorak.

Megan Hills started working for Tim after completing the CARE leadership programme in parliament. Having weathered the hectic Brexit votes, the madness of a general election and the seen in the start of a global pandemic, she finally hung up her hat and fled to Canterbury with her husband. She now works for Jersey Road PR, a PR agency who are seeking to reframe the perception of Christians in the media. She remains passionate about politics Tim-style - compassionate, committed and all about people!