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Humorous Quotations

Brilliant Wisecracks and Oneliners

Mike Blake

320 pages
Arcturus Publishing Limited

"I look just like the girls next door... if you happen to live next door to an amusement park."
-Dolly Parton

Packed with wonderful witticisms and apposite affirmations, Humorous Quotations is full of great advice and light relief to suit every occasion. Hear from Hollywood stars, politicians, musicians and more in this handy pocket book. Dip into its pages and marvel at the sheer originality of the human mind.

Including wisecracks from:
•Robin Williams
•Barack Obama
•Ricky Gervais
•Winston Churchill

And many more!

Author Bio
Mike Blake was forced to resort to humour when faced with school bullies in his younger years. Being smaller than average in size he developed a repartee of one-liners and put-downs which enabled him to defeat larger more dim-witted opponents. His victorious experiences led him to develop a fascination for the history of comedy and humorous insults. Mike is a freelance writer living in Brighton, Sussex.