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Drawing Figures

A Practical Course for Artists

Barrington Barber

160 pages
Arcturus Publishing Limited

Of all the genres in art, figure drawing is the oldest. From the figures painted on the walls of ancient caves to modern-day representations of everyday people, artists have always sought to perfect their depictions of family, friends, and others around them.

In Drawing Figures, teacher and artist Barrington Barber begins his exploration of this area of art with anatomy and encompasses all aspects of figure drawing, showing you how to make the best of your talents.

• Includes information on materials, techniques, and styles
• Reviews the human figure in detail
• Teaches you how to draw the whole figure, clothed and unclothed
• Contains step-by-step drawings and exercises to practise

Author Bio
Barrington Barber is a renowned authority on teaching drawing and also a practising artist. After training as a graphic designer, he went into advertising, working for top agencies before progressing to freelance design and producing illustrations for a range of books and magazines. He taught art for many years and has written and illustrated books including Everyone Can Draw and The Art of Meditative Drawing. He lives in Wimbledon, London.