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Book 2

Rebecca Bradford

192 pages
Austin Macauley Publishers Ltd
In Delve: Book 2, we enter the world of Vampires, Light Witches and the evil Dark Witches, who are determined to seek vengeance for a wrongdoing many years ago. The story is narrated by Ashleigh, a born vampire, and Emma, a light witch whose mission it is to protect her friend and defend the good against evil. Amidst the potions, spells, and bloodthirsty incidents, we have the love of "eternals" and the loyalty of friendship. We are introduced to "The Father", an omnipotent, manipulative half-Vampire, half-Witch, who offers punishment or protection to those he controls - is he good or evil - only time will tell. Let the battle commence...
Author Bio
Rebecca is a 39-year-old married mother of two. She graduated from university with a Bachelor of Arts in Museum Studies and Ancient History. She ceased working within public and private sectors as a Project Assistant/Executive Assistant to stay home and focus on her family and writing. Rebecca is the author of the vampire novel Verge - Book One.