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Julian A. Valentini

312 pages
Austin Macauley Publishers Ltd
When his sister tests positive for the Defiance Virus, young fisherman, Junas Reilly, tricks the examiners and switches the files documenting her illness. He takes her place like his rebellious father and finds himself thrown into Penance Square, the city turned prison where the worst of society go including the criminal, traitorous, and worst of all, the Defiant. Upon arriving in the Square, Junas befriends those that make him question everything he's thought about not only the Defiant, but every person he meets. However, making a few "allies" isn't enough to survive the Square, and the whispers of an impending civil war does nothing to make it easier.
Author Bio
Although his first time as a published author, Julian Valentini is no stranger to writing compelling, emotion packed stories. Awarded twice for the science fiction works Who Loved on a World that Wouldn't and Together, both for pulling at the readers' heartstrings; Julian will touch even the most callous reader.