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Oliver Mell

297 pages
Austin Macauley Publishers Ltd
A nightclub, a priest, a soldier returning from Iraq, a young girl and a pervert. In this shady brew, murders are starting and for Peter, just back from Iraq, a job as a bouncer in the nightclub puts him front and centre to the crimes. But what's wrong with his brother, John, the priest? Peter has never seen him look so ill ... maybe he should go out for a beer more often. Maybe ... but then the pervert and the girl wind up in a bad way and Peter gets caught up and when John dies all kinds of guilt crowds in. Oliver Mell's Godless is a rare vampire novel where the reader wades through the limbo of insanity as Peter strives to sort out what is real and what is PTSD in overdrive. When his brother is found hanging in the church, Peter can only follow the steps of the weird young guy who went home with the girl - straight into the world of the vampire.
Author Bio
Oliver Mell lived in France as a child. Moving back to England for his education he went to Manchester Metropolitan University to do a degree in Drama and Creative Writing and went on to do a Masters in Writing. He has been an actor, a nightclub bouncer, a personal trainer and a Royal Marine Commando.