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Buyer Beware

Robert Armstrong

94 pages
Austin Macauley Publishers Ltd
The town of Slaughter's Hall is reeling in the aftermath of a mass murder in Carfax Cove, where the unbalanced Frankie Wall shot several people dead. What made him do it? Nobody knows until a new shop opens in town, where you can have anything you want - for a price. One by one the residents of Slaughter's Hall pay a visit to Mr U.R. Payne's dusty domain and walk away with a bargain. Or so they think. As the all-important school play debut performance approaches, Gil's friends Bub, Brad, Zoe and Fleur begin to withdraw from normal life, and streetwise Gil begins to wonder just how badly they have ‘sold out'. Is ‘Caveat Emptor' just a whimsical, innocent junk shop or something far more sinister? Gil and the people of Slaughter's Hall are about to find out...
Author Bio
Robert attempted his first novel at twelve, wrote lyrics and comedy sketches at university, and went on to work on the radio program "Word Sports." His children's novel "The Midnight Man" won the Frustrated Writer's Award from the Children's Book Council of New South Wales. His scripts for stage and radio have been produced in Australia and America.His first children's novel, "The Great Comic Caper," was published by Austin Macauley in 2015. Robert lives in Sydney with his comic book collection, various "treasures" scrounged from junk shops, and the cat that adopted him, Rasputin.