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Boy to Bowman

Karen Preston

194 pages
Austin Macauley Publishers Ltd
Ewan Bowman was an unhappy fourteen year old who felt his life was empty - his family had moved away from all he knew to southern England, his parents were always bickering and, worst of all, he was being bullied at school by a small group led by Todd Abbot. With no friends, Ewan stumbles across a meadow where he can hide, think and feel safe, and he also feels something very strange about the stream running through it. He was frustrated and upset on one visit to discover Todd's sister Sophie there, but he quickly learned that she was nothing like her brother and she, too, had experienced the strange secrets of the meadow.As the magical secrets unfold around them, they set off on a great adventure, where Ewan discovers that he is the eighth Bowman of Tremalor, capable of more than he ever dreamed.
Author Bio
Karen Preston is an ex primary schoolteacher and contact centre team leader. Despite doing both of these for some years she is still unsure as to which environment was the most childish. However, she was able to draw from both to learn about her chosen readers - teens that aren't quite adults but would resent you forever for calling them children.