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Film Bodies

Queer Feminist Encounters with Gender and Sexuality in Cinema

Katharina Lindner

272 pages
I.B. Tauris & Co Ltd

The representation of gender and sexuality is well-explored territory in film studies. In Film Bodies, Katharina Lindner takes existing debates into a new direction and integrates queer and feminist theory with film phenomenology. Film Bodies explores the female body's presence in a range of genres including the dance film, the sports film and queer cinema. Moving across mainstream and independent cinema, Lindner provides detailed "textural" analyses of Black Swan, The Tango Lesson, 2 Seconds, Offside, Tomboy and Girlhood and discusses the queer feminist encounters these films can give rise to. This provocative book is of vital interest to students and researchers of queer cinema, queer/feminist theory, embodiment and affect and offers a unique new way of understanding the relationship between queerness, feminism, the body and cinema.

Author Bio
Katharina Lindner is a Lecturer in Film & Media and a member of the Centre for Gender & Feminist Studies at the University of Stirling. She was also a professional footballer in a former life.