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Chasing the Chinese Dream

Stories from Modern China

Nick Holdstock

272 pages
I.B. Tauris & Co Ltd

China is undergoing the biggest and fastest societal and economic change in human history. Driving this dizzying transformation is the idea of the "Chinese Dream," the promise that in the new China, anyone can make it.

Journalist and writer Nick Holdstock has traveled the length of the expansive country that is China to find out the reality behind this rhetoric—from the factory-owner, to the noodle seller, from the karaoke maids to the hoteliers, and from the deserted, aging countryside to the young and overcrowded cities.

Chasing the Chinese Dream follows a cast of extraordinary characters: the people getting rich; running factories and buying luxury cars and Louis Vuitton bags. But it also provides insight into those left behind, trapped by a system defined by long hours and no prospects.

A spell-binding and magical narrative, Chasing the Chinese Dream tells the story of modern China through the Chinese people living it.

Author Bio
Nick Holdstock is a journalist and writer. His writing can be found in Vice, The LA Review of Books, n+1, The Independent, The Dublin Review, Times Literary Supplement, the Edinburgh Review, Dissent, and Salon.com among others. He worked for many years under Isabel Hilton at China Dialogue – part of the Guardian environment network. He is the author of China's Forgotten People, a biography of Xinjiang. His first novel, The Casualties, was published in 2015. He writes regularly on China for the London Review of Books.