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100% Christianity

How The Gospel Changes Everything

Jago Wynne

192 pages
SPCK Group

100% Christianity is the only thing that can change a person from the inside out. Jago captures the power of personal transformation that the gospel offers, as well as the big picture of a gospel that changes everything. Reading '100% Christianity' leaves you with the clear conviction that Jago not only believes this, but he has experienced the power of Christ's grace, and having experienced it, his passion is to see others capture the 'bigness' of what Christianity actually means. The greatest challenge is this: as Jago reminds us, God has given us 100%, and now God asks us for 100% of our lives. This book hits the ball into our court: what we do with God's glorious grace and the message of the cross is the big question each of us must answer. --Malcolm Duncan, Founder and Director of Church and Community and lead pastor of Gold Hill Baptist Church

I'm delighted to commend this book by Jago Wynne for two reasons. Firstly, it makes the letter to the Romans accessible, when so often people find it is not. And secondly, it shows why we need the whole letter to live biblically-balanced lives. I think it's a huge help to Christians and non-Christians alike in terms of commentating on what the Christian life is really like. --Rico Tice, Associate Minister at All Souls Church and co-author of 'Christianity Explored'

Author Bio
Jago is Associate Rector at Holy Trinity Clapham. He was formerly a minister at both Holy Trinity Brompton and All Souls, Langham Place. He is the author of 'Working without Wilting'. He is married to Susannah and they have three children.