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Art of Napkin Folding

Florence Sandeman

96 pages
Arcturus Publishing Limited
A well-laid table should be regarded as the start of any eating experience, from breakfast for one to buffets for more than one hundred guests. Knowing how to fold napkins is the icing on the cake, a crucial weapon in the armory of every host and hostess. This book shows you how to create more than forty contemporary, traditional, and novelty folds”the perfect complement to great food.
Author Bio
Florence Sandeman owns Recipes4us.co.uk, one of the UK's largest independent culinary-related websites. Her lifelong love of good food has encompassed many related fields, from growing her own produce to lavish entertaining. In addition to writing the cookbook This Book May Contain Nuts, she has also demonstrated the art of napkin folding in online videos, all part of her ambition to achieve the complete dining experience.