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The Logic of the Body

Retrieving Theological Psychology

Matthew A. LaPine

288 pages
Lexham Press
"Do not be anxious about anything."

When it comes to stress and worry, that's all we really need to say, right? Just repent of your anxiety, and everything will be fine.

But emotional life is more complex than this.

In The Logic of the Body, Matthew LaPine argues that Protestants must retrieve theological psychology in order to properly understand the emotional life of the human person. With classical and modern resources in tow, LaPine argues that one must not choose between viewing emotions exclusively as either cognitive and volitional on the one hand, or simply a feeling of bodily change on the other. The two "stories" can be reconciled through a robustly theological analysis.

In a culture filled with worry and anxiety, The Logic of the Body offers a fresh path within the Reformed tradition.
Author Bio
Matthew A. LaPine (PhD, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School) is pastor of theological development at Cornerstone Church and lecturer at Salt School of Theology (Ames, Iowa).