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The New Testament Commentary Guide

A Brief Handbook for Students and Pastors

Nijay Gupta

120 pages
Lexham Press
An indispensable map to the often intimidating world of biblical commentaries.
For many beginning students of the New Testament, looking for a commentary seems like a simple process: identify the book you're studying, search for a commentary, and pick one. However, the reality is far from simple. With new commentaries being published every year on every book of the Bible, the student of Scripture can quickly become overwhelmed with an inexhaustible amount of resources. What is the student to do?
In this short, accessible resource, Nijay Gupta helps beginning Bible students understand the various available commentaries--their strengths, unique contributions, and ultimately, how to use them. Through The New Testament Commentary Guide, readers will understand how to incorporate commentaries into their learning and be enriched in their study of the Bible.
Author Bio
Nijay K. Gupta is associate professor of New Testament at Portland Seminary and the author of several books, including Prepare, Succeed, Advance and several commentaries. He blogs at Crux Sola.