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The Gloss and the Text

William Perkins on Interpreting Scripture with Scripture

Andrew S. Ballitch

232 pages
Lexham Press
Scripture opens itself up by its own words and interpretation.
William Perkins is the father of Puritanism, often remembered for his preaching manual, The Art of Prophecy. Much attention has been given to the Puritan movement, especially in its later forms, but comparatively little has been given to Perkins.
In The Gloss and the Text, Andrew Ballitch provides a thorough examination of the hermeneutical principles that governed Perkins's approach to biblical interpretation. Perkins taught that the Bible was God's word as well as the interpretation of God's word. Interpretation is no private matter; it is a public gift of the Spirit of God for the people of God. Ballitch's study sheds light on Perkins as a preacher, theologian, and student of Scripture.
Author Bio
Andrew S. Ballitch (PhD, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) is Associate Pastor of Preaching and Ministries at Westwood Alliance Church in Mansfield, Ohio. He co-edited William Perkins's Faith and Love: The Wholesome Doctrine of the Gospel.