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Jesus, Divorce, and Remarriage

In Their Historical Setting

Gordon J. Wenham

128 pages
Lexham Press
What did Jesus really say about divorce and remarriage?

Challenging the evangelical near-consensus that Jesus permitted divorce and remarriage in certain circumstances, Gordon Wenham argues that while Jesus permitted separation in cases of sexual immorality, he did not permit divorce and remarriage.

Presenting a revisitation and expansion of several decades of thought and debate on the topic, Wenham builds his case from a close reading of Jesus' teaching in the Gospels, showing how his teaching pushed against the culture of his day. In addition, Wenham brings in insights from ancient Near Eastern marriage laws, the Old Testament, the writings of Paul, and the earliest Christian interpreters of the Gospel divorce texts.

Readers will be challenged by a careful biblical argument that provides a counterpoint to the majority view. No study on divorce and remarriage will be complete without considering Jesus, Divorce, and Remarriage.
Author Bio
Gordon J. Wenham (PhD, Cambridge University) is Professor Emeritus of Old Testament Studies at the University of Gloucestershire. He has written or contributed to many books, including Story as Torah, Remarriage after Divorce in Today's Church: 3 Views, and (with William Heth) Jesus and Divorce. He has also written commentaries on Genesis (Word Biblical Commentary), Leviticus (New International Commentary on the Old Testament), and Numbers (Tyndale Old Testament Commentaries).