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Resurrecting the Trinity

A Plea to Recover the Wonder and Meaning of the Triune God

M. James Sawyer

224 pages
Lexham Press

The doctrine of the Trinity confounds many Christians. Because they do not have a proper understanding of this truth, they therefore lack the means to make it meaningful in their theology, worship, and everyday life. Resurrecting the Trinity wants to change this.

In non-academic prose, this book explains the fuzziness and apathy surrounding the Trinity. It provides a fascinating and erudite journey as to how it got this way, and then goes on to show how it is the center of everything and how this glorious doctrine exudes with love, vitality, and richness.

An expert in historical and systematic theology, the author contends that "the existence of God as Trinity was the central affirmation of the ancient church and the truth from which all other theological understanding flowed. However, for us Western Christians (both Protestant and Catholic) the Trinity has faded into obscurity, the light shed by its reality dimmed to the point of nearly flickering out. While we still verbally affirm the truth of the Trinity, for all practical purposes we have lost its meaning, and in the process lost the biblical picture of Jesus Christ as Lord of creation as well. Were we to deny the Trinity altogether, it is doubtful much would change in our churches on a day-to-day basis."

Author Bio
M. James Sawyer (Ph.D., Dallas Theological Seminary) has taught theology, church history, and historical theology for more than twenty-five years. He is professor at A. W. Tozer Seminary and director of Sacred Saga Ministries. He is the author of The Survivor's Guide to Theology, Taxonomic Charts of Theology and Biblical Studies, and coauthor (with Daniel Wallace and J. Ed Komoszewski) of Reinventing Jesus: How Contemporary Skeptics Miss the Real Jesus and Mislead Popular Culture.
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