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Cantering Toward Courage

Sophia Day

112 pages
Mvp Kids Media Llc

Leo is feeling lonely as the summer comes to an end before 5th grade. Frankie, his best friend and brother, will be going to a different school this year, and he is already consumed with activities at his new middle school. He and Frankie have leaned on each other a lot the last few years, and Leo can’t imagine being apart most of the day. His only relief is his time with his therapy horse, Apple. Compelled to spend more time with Apple, Leo enters an adaptive horse competition. Will this experience help him to find the strength to move forward and embrace new opportunities?

This book showcases diversity in positive ways with characters that span various cultures, ethnicities, family situations, physical challenges and more. Readers of all backgrounds will see themselves in these pages while learning to value the diversity within their own community and being exposed to differences from around the world.

About the Limitless Series
The Limitless Series for ages 9-14 offers ways for our pre-teen youth to practice mental health resiliency. Each book follows one of the 16 MVP Kids as they manage psycho-social issues through the lens of sport. Utilizing the SEL knowledge from earlier series our 16 kids model for our readers how to develop and practice skills that encourage positive mental health and wellness. Coaches Corner provides guided questions for the reader to make deeper connections between themes and decision making. Themes include risk taking, goal setting, being injured, overcoming a mistake, perseverance, identity formation, growth mindset, moving past failures and more. Follow our MVP Kids as they learn how to practice mental health resiliency through sport.

About MVP Kids
Families with a diverse range of cultural and ethnic backgrounds drive the inspiration for child education and social emotional learning. MVP Kids enables real-world kids to address the challenges in their lives through story-based character lessons where the kids interact at school, in social situations, and in their
communities. Each MVP Kids book includes extensive coaching information for parents and educators that promotes character education, wise decision-making skills, and social and emotional learning.

Author Bio
In her products for children, families, and caregivers, Sophia Day interacts with children through a recipe of entertainment, expanded education, and inviting illustrations. Sophia Day promotes healthy mentoring relationships by providing opportunities for parents and teachers to personally relate with their children. Sophia Day’s goal is to help inspire honorable character in young men and women to prepare them to become Real MVPs® and to live meaningful, responsible lives. Become lifetime friends with the MVP Kids as they grow up with your kids in Sophia’s multiple series for preschool, elementary, and teenage years. Betsy Cutler, M.Ed. after being involved in mental health in various ways over the last 20 years, turned her focus to athlete mental health education. Her goal is to build mental health resiliency through all levels of sport; to educate athletes, coaches, sport organizations and parents on ways to promote mental wellness; increase mental health knowledge and efficacy across those groups; and create programming that helps to build, nourish and promote practicing mental health resiliency for all that are associated with athletics. Betsy has two sons in college and currently lives in Virginia. Timothy Zowada is the illustrator for many of our Real MVP Kids books. Tim has an Associates Degree in Fine Arts and has spent much of his life personally working with children. MVP Kids provides Tim with the opportunity to use his skill as an artist to help kids learn and grow into responsible and mature adults. Tim currently resides in Arizona. For more on Sophia, Betsy, and Timothy, visit www.MVPkids.com.