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Dear Mrs. Noah

Letters to Unnamed Women of the Bible

Roberta Damon

158 pages
Crosslink Publishing

So often we let our value, our worth be defined by what we do, what others say, and those pesky voices in our head. Even our name carries weight and meaning.

So what could more than 30 unnamed women referenced in the Bible possibly have to say to you today? Ah, the wondrous answer will be revealed as you read about "the woman at the well," "Jairus' daughter," "Samson's mother," "Potiphar's wife," and yes, "Mrs. Noah."

This is a book of encouragement, of hope, of blessing that will help you: ~ Find your voice
~ Embrace your potential
~ Move past your pain
~ And discover your true identity!

Author Bio

Roberta Damon holds a doctorate in marriage and family counseling from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.. Her career includes missionary service in South Brazil, thirty years of counseling at First Baptist Church in Richmond, Virginia, and a time of serving on staff at the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention. During these years she has written for various denominational publications both in English and Portuguese. She is the author Relationship Skills, A Measure of Success, A Voice Beyond Weeping, and Theirs is the Kingdom. She is the wife of one, the mother of two and the grandmother of three.