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Baja's Wounded Healer

On the Frontline of the War on Human Trafficking

John G. Stevens

128 pages
Deep River Books Llc

Dorothy was vulnerable; she lost her parents at an early age. Her Christian foster father chose to sexually abuse her, rather than help heal her pain. Dorothy blamed God and rebelled against his guidance and his church. God was patient with her over decades of defiance, and Dorothy eventually embraced his love. She then accepted his invitation to join the battle against the very evil that had shattered her idyllic childhood.

Baja's Wounded Healer is an attempt to bring attention to one successful battle against human trafficking. It aims to inspire many in the Christian church to become engaged in the fight. This book makes clear that one's brokenness need not be a deterrent to reaching out and assisting in substantial ways. In Dorothy's case, her brokenness is near the center of her success. The story demonstrates the liberating power of God's truth in combatting one of the earth's great scourges.

Baja's Wounded Healer is about God's unmatched righteousness and redeeming love to overcome human evil and transform those harmed by it. If you would like to do something about human trafficking but don't know where to start, Dorothy's story will serve as a practical guide. She started with little more than her own brokenness and God's transformative power, and she used both to make a real difference.

Author Bio
John Stevens decided to write Baja’s Wounded Healer after taking a tour of the women’s shelter during a mission trip in Baja California. This book is an attempt to bring attention to one of the successful battles against human trafficking. He hopes it will inspire many in the Christian church to become engaged in the fight. John has a master’s degree in counseling psychology and a biochemistry degree from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. He is married to his best friend, Cindy, and they are parents to twins, Brenneth and Oriana. John and Cindy presently volunteer together for Global Sharing, an international missions group, as well as other various ministries they find worthwhile. They reside in Paso Robles, California.