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Guide to the Flight Review For Pilots & Instructors

Complete preparation for issuing or taking a flight review including both the ground and flight requirements

Jackie Spanitz

176 pages
Aviation Supplies & Acad Inc
Newly revised to reflect the latest procedural and regulatory changes mandated by the FAA, this "Guide to the Flight Review" informs both pilots and flight instructors about the exam, and lists questions with succinct answers that will help them pass their flight review. It is also useful for FAA-designated examiners for keeping track of how to conduct a flight review, and the steps and requirements laid out by the FAA. Answering the most commonly asked questions -- many of them excerpted from the Oral Exam Guide Series by Mike Hayes -- the guide also clarifies the requirements of the written and oral flight-review portions. Lists of study materials to refer to for test preparation are included. Also includes regulations and advisory material from the FAA and an "FR checklist" to help pilots stay organized. Staying organized and practicing the question-and-answers ahead of time are key to staying focused on test day and passing the flight review and checkride.
Author Bio
Jackie Spanitz holds a bachelor of science in aviation technology from Western Michigan University and a masters in aeronautics science from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University. As Director of Curriculum Development for ASA, Jackie oversees new and existing product development, ranging from textbooks and flight computers to flight simulation software products, and integration of these products into new and existing curricula. She also provides technical support, research for product development, and project management. Jackie holds Instructor and Commercial Pilot certificates. She is the author of Guide to the Flight Review, Private Pilot Syllabus, Instrument Rating Syllabus, and Commercial Pilot Syllabus, is the technical editor for ASA's Test Prep series, and has written for numerous aviation publications.