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Teen People of the Bible (Repackaged)

Celebrity Profiles of Real Faith and Tragic Failure

Daniel Darling

256 pages
Iron Stream Media
Throughout Scripture, extraordinary tales of real people give us examples of how to live—and how not to live. Many of these true stories are about people who are younger than you'd imagine. In Teen People of the Bible, you'll investigate these stories—some good and some bad—all with real consequences. Now in an updated, easy-to-use size, Teen People of the Bible offers a new introduction, new resources, and an online tool for sharing God's plan of salvation.
Author Bio
Daniel Darling is the vice president of communications for the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission. He previously served five years as senior pastor of Gages Lake Bible Church in Gages Lake, Illinois. He is a contributor to Leadership Journal, Gospel Coalition, and a variety of other publications. He has written several books, including his latest, Activist Faith. He blogs at danieldarling.com.