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100 Years of Change in the Distribution of Common Indiana Wees

Edith Overlease William Overlease

248 pages
Purdue University Press
This reference tracks the distribution of approximately 200 common weed species throughout Indiana's 92 counties. Each weed's distribution is shown on range maps at three times-1899, 1940, and 2004. The Overleases' compendium records the continuing expansion of weeds-aggressive plants that can move into an available habitat, across Indiana.
Author Bio
Willim Overlease received his B.S. in 1950; M.S. in 1952; and Ph.D. in 1964 from Michigan State University. From 1963 to 1987, he was Professor of Biology at Westchester University. He achieved Professor Emeritus in 1988. Edith Overlease earned her B.S. in 1956 from Indiana University and was an elementary school teacher from 1958 to 1974.