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Baker and Taylor: Searching for President Snuggles

32 pages
F-I-F-E Publishing

After an exciting first adventure in NYC, Baker and Taylor are ready for the three Rs: Rest, Relaxation and READING. As soon as they arrive at the next city on their literary roadtrip — Washington DC — they decide they’re ready for a catnap and Taylor’s heard that “President Snuggles” provides the best place to rest in town. So, the two set out in search of this “President Snuggles” but instead all they get is one long sightseeing escapade that a very tired Baker could do without, or at least wait to do until after a nap! Soon, the grumpies leads to a tiff between the two cat buddies that results in a parting of ways. The problem is: how do you enjoy a good trip, a good read, a good nap without your best buddy by your side?

Thanks to a little alone time and the fortunate help of the US Librarian of Congress, Dr. Carla Hayden, Baker and Taylor end up learning the relevance of patience, ingenuity, and friendship in their effort to find President Snuggles.

Backmatter and historical information on the different Washington DC landmarks are included.

Author Bio
Formerly a journalist, Candy Rodó has been working in educational publishing for over two decades. She authored and edited the Everyday Learning Fun series, an Academics’ Choice Smart Book Award winner, and recently contributed to a series of classic story retellings in graphic novel format called DSI Graphic Novels, as well as a culturally informed Spanish series of picture books for young children. As a native Spanish speaker, Candy is dedicated to the literacy skills of English Language Learners.