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The Business Sergeant's Field Manual

Military Grade Business Execution without the Yelling and Push-ups

Chris Hallberg

216 pages
Business Sergeant

There's a big difference between having a leadership title and being a confident, respected, and effective leader. Chris Hallberg's Business Sergeant's Field Manual is written for business owners and leaders who need a hand with the day to day rigors of operating a successful business. If you're committed to leading, then this book will help you get where you want to go, and it will give you the tools you need to get there. The Field Manual is a crucial weapon in the arsenal of any small business leader whose spirit is willing. Chris brings decades of military, paramilitary, and entrepreneurial management experience to bear and delivers a no-nonsense, easy-to-follow handbook full of operational advice that, if applied, will help you make the kind of change that can right a listing ship, or propel a fledgling startup into star-bound success.

Inside you'll find 82 Real world lessons covering topics such as: Commitment * Leadership * Shared Vision Culture * Accountability * Marketing and Branding Sales and Sales Management * Understanding Financials * Execution Strategic Partners *Work-Life Balance *Downloadable Tools

Chris Hallberg spends the majority of his time “In the trenches” helping business owners and their leaders execute their mission with military precision. He lives in Denver Colorado with his wife and two sons.

Author Bio
Chris Hallberg one of Inc. magazine’s Top 50 Leadership and Management Experts has been taking big risks, and getting outside of his comfort zone his entire life. He joined the Army National Guard Military Police at 17, was an officer at a Maximum Security prison at 20. By the ripe age of 23, he was a Sergeant in both organizations leading other officers and soldiers in dynamic and challenging environments. After serving in uniform, he began his career in sales and marketing, and quickly became the #1 producing Sales Representative. Chris then leveraged all of his leadership experience and training and then led several sales teams to success. As Sales Manager, he took a $3M Remodeling company and helped them grow to $8M in 3 years, and then as VP of Sales took a $9M Restoration company and led them to $20M in revenue in just 1 year. After two years over $25M in revenue the company was successfully sold to a private equity group. Chris then started his own energy efficient remodeling business in 2009 at the onset of the “great recession” and despite difficult market conditions he quickly scaled the business to $2M in sales, and sold the company after two years of profitable operations with over 20% Net Profit to the bottom line. After selling his business Chris started to help other entrepreneurs with their businesses, while coaching several entrepreneurs he noticed that the majority of business owners were basically just “Making it up every day” so he looked for a solution to help them. In early 2014 He found it, it’s called EOS® or the Entrepreneurial Operating System® and became one of 50 Certified EOS Implementers nationally. He has been personally trained by EOS creator and best-selling author of Traction-Get a grip on your business Gino Wickman. Chris uses EOS as the main “Framework” for all of his coaching engagements with entrepreneurial leadership teams across the nation. Chris has successfully leverage his time serving in uniform with all of his business experience to “Meld” both worlds together as “The Business Sergeant” and is currently launcing his first book titled “The Business Sergeants’ Field Manual, Military Grade Business Execution without the Yelling and Push-ups” (Releasing in late 2017 www.bizsgt.com) Chris teaches Entrepreneurial Leadership Teams to adopt a more military mindset, and stop accepting poor leadership, accountability, and results. Within a few months his teams start to execute like a well-oiled military unit that can accomplish anything that it puts its mind to.