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90 Pounds Lighter

You Can Make It Happen

Winston Sobers

96 pages
CLM Publishing

One of the reasons why so many people today are not getting solutions, suffering in silence, and living in situations that they do not need to live in, can be because of self-pride and fear. At the end, when we all go to the grave, what can we take with us? Can we take this pride or fear that limits us from pursuing our goals, our dreams, or our initiatives? Forget all that, and let's share what we know to inspire change today, not just for a fee, fame, or glory, but to help someone in need.

The purpose of this book is to inspire others who find themselves in a situation where they are struggling with their weight, self-esteem or just need motivation for a positive lifestyle change. Winston has lost 90 pounds through exercise and diet, and have maintained this weight loss for 7 years now. If he can achieve this life-transforming results, certainly you can too. The end results are beneficial to our health and will enhance the quality of our lives. One of the hardest things for him was, overcoming the struggle of whether he should share his story or write this book, as there is the perception that one must be an expert in an area to be a writer.

Furthermore, the challenge for him to stand up continually to what he "preaches" and all the other personal details kept him for years in a "should I? could I?" procrastination mode. In life, we have many trained professionals, diets, fitness facilities, and other resources available that can assist us to achieve goals. However, in his journey, he discovered that all of these supporting avenues would have been ineffective, if he did not adopt a never-say-die attitude, come hell or high water.

For him, it was about putting in the hard work even if he had to do it alone.

Author Bio

Winston Sobers is a Barbadian by birth who resides in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands.

In his book he has shared his 90 pounds weight-loss journey to inspire others in achieving their own weight-loss goals.

Although a qualified accountant by profession, he has studied for a fundamental nutrition and wellness certification to further educate himself. Winston is a Christian and is married to Kelly Sobers and they are the parents of three wonderful children.

He is grateful to his family for their support, and to God for all his blessings in this life.