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The Pink Toolbelt

Spiritual Remodeling for Women

Mary Colette Dodd

232 pages
Carpenters Guide Publishing
The Pink Toolbelt by Mary Dodd is a new book scheduled to be published in Summer 2017. At a point of personal and family chaos in her life, Mary received a message from God: Be a true disciple of Christ. Mary recognized the eternal value of this message and made the decision to apply this directive from God to every aspect of her life. Throughout the book, Mary uses analogies from her lifelong work as a carpenter to illustrate and explain the spiritual lessons she is presenting to her audience. While some women might read The Pink Toolbelt from cover to cover in one sitting, it is designed to be read and used as a devotional book. The core message behind this book is: Your life will change as you become transformed and remodeled into the image of Christ.
Author Bio
Although Mary resides ‘deep in the heart of Texas,’ her roots are in the rich black dirt of Minnesota’s farmlands. Studying Elementary Education in college did nothing to prepare her for a life of construction and remodeling. Fresh out of college, she joined up with a traveling construction crew that tore down, moved and rebuilt the big blue silos seen across America’s heartland. Later in life, Mary and her husband started their own construction business which gave her another opportunity to build and remodel everything from traditional frame homes to quaint log cabins. For the past five years, Mary and her husband Tony have been blessed with the opportunity to serve Christ through a Christian writing ministry called Carpenter’s Guide Ministries, Inc. She is a mother to five beautiful children and a grandma to four busy boys—the crowning jewels of her life.