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A Joyful Life

How to Use Your Creative Spirit to Manage Depression

Michèle Swiderski

224 pages
KiCam Projects LLC

"Refreshingly honest, this book offers a firsthand grappling with one of the most insidious afflictions of our time." - Tom Harpur, author, "The Pagan Christ"

Michele Swiderski's mind was disintegrating.

Trapped in a cage of clinical depression and anxiety, Michele was forced to leave her job and embark on the grueling process of rebuilding her life by retraining her brain, re-energizing her soul, and reconnecting with Higher Spirit.

Over the course of a decade, she fought her way through mental illness by weaving together her passion for creativity with her belief in the creative power of Spirit. Through simple practices such as journaling, meditation, and crafting, she rediscovered the power of the creative spirit to rebuild her life.

In A Joyful Life: How to Use Your Creative Spirit to Manage Depression, Michele eagerly shares her hard-won wisdom to guide others who are mired in depression.

Reconnect with your best self and take your first steps to a place of health, hope, and happiness.

"Motivational, uplifting, and inspirational." - Barry Silverstein, Foreword Reviews

Author Bio
Michèle Swiderski is a creative. When not weaving, spinning, sewing, or knitting, she enjoys connecting with nature at her cabin in the woods. Over the past 15 years, Michele has struggled with depression and feels she is a better person for it. Recently retired from a career in public service, she is dedicated to raising awareness for mental health and shares her insights on her blog at micheleswiderski.com.