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Murder on Shelter

Christopher Collot David Leddick

43 pages
White Lake Press
What about a Mexican drug lord who escapes prison through a mile long tunnel? What about his turning up on Shelter Island, at the far end of Long Island? What about a planned murder? What about the beautiful drug buyer who turns up on the island as well? What about you?
Author Bio
Christopher Collot created the imaginative and energetic drawings for both "Murder on Shelter" and "Two Bracelets." Prepared for work in completely different fields, he is as original as these, his first and second graphic novels. He contributed many of the themes and directions of this book as well as the artwork.David Leddick is a writer, playwright, actor. His Previous careers have included being an officer in the U.S. Navy, dancing at the Metropolitan Opera, being an advertising Creative Director for Revlon and L'Oreal in New York and Paris. He is the author of 30 books, including novels and many photography books.