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Warrior of the Dawn

M.S. Brook

448 pages
Red Arrow Media
Aidriana never knew her birth parents, her homeland, or her king. Stripped of identity when the Northlands fell to Lord Saduk's brutal forces, she became a child-refugee in Canwyrrie, her dark hair and skin serving as a reminder that she once belonged to another land. Although her greatest dream is to become a warrior, the constraints of her youth and gender clash with the dictates of Canwyrrie's rigid traditions, thwarting her desire. But when war breaks out, her adopted country is in dire need of the gift the Songmaker has placed in her heart. Now tasked with responsibility beyond her imagining, Aidriana must confront the truth of who she is—at the risk of losing everything she treasures and everyone she holds dear.
Author Bio

From her earliest memories, M.S. Brook has been enthralled by books, especially adventure stories. Five years after university she quit the nine-to-five world and ran away to sea, joining the crew of MV Anastasis, a hospital ship serving in Africa and the Caribbean, and embarking upon a wonderful adventure. Following a ten-year tour, she returned to Florida to be close to family. She loves being outdoors and still enjoys traveling, especially to places rich in history, culture and natural beauty.