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The Naming of Girl

Rhonda G. Williams

353 pages
Upper Hand Press Llc

You've met Scout Finch and Ellen Foster: Now meet Girl Brown, the spunkiest nine-year-old in all the South. Girl lives with Tracie, her guardian, who smokes so much pot she "can't remember a thing," and Antoe, who is "big like a grown-up," a developmentally delayed adult who is Girl's best friend and playmate. She makes sure to keep out Antoe and herself of Chuck's way. Chuck is Tracie's disabled Vietnam vet boyfriend who fights his own demons with whiskey and heroin and he hates "sassy-mouthed" kids. And Girl is sassy, with a mouth like a sailor  and fingers so sticky she can clean out the local Woolworth's in a heartbeat. 

In a world of rural poverty and ill-educated folks, Girl tries to find her name and real family, tripped at every turn by negligence, moral and physical abuse. Yet her story is the story of an indomitable child whose innocent courage saves her own life in an unforgettable climax.

Author Bio
Rhonda G. Williams lives in southern Arkansas where she is an online composition instructor with Virtual Arkansas. She received an MFA in drama from the University of Arkansas and an MFA in creative writing from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. When she isn't writing or teaching she enjoys time with her ever-growing menagerie of five cats, fourteen silkie bantams, and three guinea fowl. She also enjoys traveling to places "off the beaten path." The Naming of Girl is her debut novel.