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Anecdotes and Sea Stories

An American Century Sailor, Midshipman and Officer

Rear Admiral Eugene Harrison Farrell, USN (Retired)

134 pages
Eugene H Farrell

The 26 independent episodes of Anecdotes and Sea Stories revolve around the life of Rear Admiral Eugene Harrison Farrell, USN (Retired), and narrate the true events that revived America's sea power, catapulted her from 19th Century isolation into the status of a world power and enabled her victories of WWII in the Pacific. In addition, they illuminate President FDR's reluctance to heed the advice of his trusted commander of the Pacific Fleet that intended to prevent the tragic defeat of Pearl Harbor. By contrast, the final episode reveals another president heeding the advice of his senior military officer on how to end the Vietnam War. Others expose the culture, humor and discipline of a typical 20th Century Navy warrant officer.

Features a 12-page photo insert, Glossary of Naval Terminology, and Large Font Type.

Author Bio

Admiral Farrell views his active duty service, spanning 38 years and three wars, as unremarkable in the shadow of his paternal and maternal ancestors who volunteered to serve America in the Revolutionary War and every conflict since then. He admits modest satisfaction in his rise from the lowest Navy rating, Apprentice Seaman, to Flag rank because he is the first Texan to achieve that distinction. He enjoys mentoring and encouraging young men and women inclined toward a career of military service. He insists that the best events of his life, besides being born, were to be admitted to, and graduated from, the United States Naval Academy, and marry Melinda Haynes, the daughter of his lifelong friend, Rear Admiral Kenneth Haynes who, followed in his wake to rise from Hospital Corpsman to Rear Admiral.