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Vestigios de dicha

Cecilia Velástegui

328 pages
Libros Publishing LLC
When a Los Angeles massage therapist uses her grandmother's special Amazonian oil on her clients, five senior citizens find themselves recalling vivid memories of their ancestors. The seniors' live-in caregivers, each with a rich history, are inevitably caught up in the drama as the past collides with the present. Their collective lives are sent into upheaval as the self-appointed homeopathic Dr. Ruiz, a pathological liar, seeks to capitalize on their desires for memory retrieval and re-encactments by fleecing them of their riches for a moment of unbridled remembrance and bliss.
Author Bio
Cecilia Velástegui is the author of the acclaimed psychological thriller, Gathering the Indigo Maidens. She was born in Quito, Ecuador where she spendt her childhoof. She was raised in California and France, and has traveled in over 50 countries. She received her graduate degree from the University of Southern California, and speaks four languages. She serves on the board of directors of several cultural and educational institutions. She lives with her family in Monarch Beach, California.