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Traces of Bliss

Cecilia Spenuzza

304 pages
Libros Publishing LLC
What would you risk to relive the bliss? In the affluent Los Feliz enclave of Los Angeles, five welathy seniors recall vivid memories of ancestors after Claire, a young massage therapist, uses her grandmother's speically blended, Amazonian, aromatherapy oil. The seniors' live-in caregivers, each with a rich history, are inevitably caught up in the drama as the past collides with the present. The caregivers divulge details of the memories to Alma Ruiz, a pseudo-homeopath, amateur genealogist, and pathological liar. She conspires with Soledad to dupe the vulnerable seniors into paying them vast amounts for memory retrieval reenactments. Alma and Soledad's transgressions awaken the buried shamanistic sense of Octavio, a gifted gardener who immigrated to Los Angeles seeking revenge from the oil companies that dumped oil in the Shuar tribal lands of Amazonian Ecuador. He reacts instinctively to protect Claire and the susceptible seniors. Traces of Bliss reveals how memory can travel through the blood, and how much we are willing to sacrifice for lost treasures from the past.
Author Bio
Cecilia Velastegui was forn in Ecuador and raised in California and France. She received her graduate degree from the University of Southern California, and speaks for languages. She lives with her family in Monarch Beach, California.