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Missing Pieces

Jasmine Klapia

Jasmine Klapia Inc
Missing Pieces is the story of one woman's path toward self-discovery and in the process learning essential truths about God, the universe, medicine, and all areas of science. Upon completion of her major book, God Does Not Lie, Jasmine Klapia delved deeply into her motivations for writing the book in the first place and found answers to many of life's riddles-the missing pieces she'd been seeking her whole life.
Author Bio
Jasmine Klapia is a multicultural young woman. At the age of five she felt a call to artistry in her life, which she ignored, for during those early years she had no real understanding of how to appreciate or develop this urge. Some thirty years later she began to realize that this continual awareness of art was not just to create a beautiful piece of art to display on a wall-it involved much more than that. It was akin to a driving force. Her interests were to explore the more involved areas of varied cultures, spirituality, and human nature.